EasySens & Thermokon STC-Ethernet

Hi everyone,

I am a happy openHAB beginner. I appreciate the hardwork from the developers of openHAB and hope they keep this project ongoing.
Now to my question:
I manage to integrate knx devices and some zwave devices. In the next step I want to integrate some EasySens(thermokon) via the STC-Ethernet (thermokon) controller into openHAB. I desperately try for many hours and don’t get it running. I am using Debian 8(Jessie) and use openhab 2.1. I although realize that the EasySens are using EnOcean protocol, thats why I installed EnOcean Binding in openHAB. In the documentation of the EnOcean Binding, I only see the support for the USB 300 stick, which I obviously not own. Is someone of you manage to integrate EasySens with the STC-Ethernet Controller and can share with me some experience or at least be so kindly and give me some advice to get the problem solved?

Thank you for your help.
Best regards,