EatonEasy binding

Hi all,

I’m projecting to create an EatonEasy binding. My house is equipped with a net of Easy800 devices and I would like to control 'em with smartHome engine.

Devices could be controlled via COM port by their proprietary C++ library. I’ve already managed to create a tiny Java-project (according to Eaton specs) to drive the devices, and it’s work. (Unfortunately, Windows x32 only with dependencies on C++ redistributable)

Few points:

  1. According to OpenHAB dev-manual I should notify about my project. Whether a similar initiative already in progress? Further I plan to publish it in the common repo, so I suppose anyway should I notify. I named it EatonEasy.

  2. Could someone give me an advice of how to setup a working binding-project? I’ve try to follow your manual (noticing the migration to bnd) with raising a new IDE/workspace-Eclipse and called, but only got a pom-error on a totaly fresh project: package ‘.’ is prohibited (or something like this), and I cannot compile/package the project neither Eclipse nor mvn command.