[eBUS 2.0] New binding - Release Candidate 7b

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I did use the market binding. Now with KAR file everything is ok. Thank you.


I have a Vaillant VRC 430(f)/470(f) and would like to see both HC1 and HC2 data. HC1 data is displayed Ok. Do you guys have an idea how can I get HC2 data from my thermostat?


Hey guys,

now i´ve connected the VRC700 & my ebus-platine with a shielded bus-cable. Unfortunatelly with the same results. No other values where displayed with this one… also no better failed telegram ratio at all, so it´s not about the cable.

This week i tried to manage some readings with FHEM & ebusd via telnet-protocol. No problems with this setup. All configured readings are working pretty well.

I´ve no idea what to do with the ebus binding to get it work.

I’asked the author of ebusd to add the raw telegrams to the deamon. In that case I could add direct ebusd support to the binding. In that case we could use the ebusd for the low level access yo the bus.

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That sounds good. Im looking forward to test it, if and when its implemented.

Im also looking forward to test it …


i installed the latest version

eBUS binding 2.4.0-RC4

with ttyebus.

If i start openhab and try to “Configure eBUS Bridge” there i can only find /dev/ttyS0 Serial Port. How can i solve the problem to select ttyebus?

Do i also have to install “eBUS binding 2.4.0-RC4” when i installed ebus with this instruction https://github.com/john30/ebusd-debian/blob/master/README.md?

Hi Hannes,

you have to add ttyebus to /etc/default/openhab2 to make it available in the bridge settings.
Vbier explained it a few posts before.


what do you mean to configure the device /dev/ttyEBUS?? if i open the file with nano, there is nothing in it.

what should i add to /etc/default/openhab2?

EDIT: i add


to /etc/default/openhab2

now i can add /dev/ttyebus at Serial Port in the eBUS Bridge serial Port setting.

If i try to show the Received telegrams i got -NaN message.

Will wait for that. At the moment got pretty stable configuration on eBusd 2.2 convertor RPI cap on RPI 3 B+ board using /dev/ttyAMA0. When I used /dev/ttyS0 percentage of failed telegrams was much higher.

Thanks to @csowada. Binding works stable but some readings well captured and decoded by ebusd still not captured and decoded by binding.

Thinking about configuration - ebusd adapter - > ebusd -> local mqttt - > mqtt binding -> openhab persistent

As well I have following config and have no working decoder for eRelax thermostat. Any thought what config can be used for getting data from this device?

openhab> ebus
Thing UID                                | Label                                    | Type      
ebus:bai:f02e919b:08                     | Ecotec Plus VUW INT IV 246/5‑5 H (Vaillant BAI00 (08)) | node      
ebus:std:f02e919b:15                     | eRelax Thermostat ( eBUS Standard (15))  | node      
ebus:bridge:f02e919b                     | eBUS Bridge                              | bridge    

FYI: I’ working on a version with ebusd support. John, the author of ebusd was so kind and had added a feature for me to directly connect to the ebusd deamon. This should help all ebusd users to use the ebusd setup for openhab.


If started a new topic for the ebusd deamon connector. I’ve started a new topic to isolate the experimental feature until it’s stable and useful.

It’s great to know that two such powerful tools will be combined together !!!

So, just for information. The ebusd version is available.

@csowada: one question to you: I have defined the configuration URL’s via the paperui. Is there way to do it via a file (e.g. ebus.cfg)? If yes, how and for what else is the ebus.cfg still used?

Thanks in advance

Cheers Rolf

Uhh, good question. You could try the parameters from the configuration

in your ebus.cfg file. Normally this file is not necessary, but it could work for the binding configuration. I’ve never thought about it before.

@csowada: thank you a lot. One question: would it potentially make sense to integrate the URLs in the bridge parameters. Then you would have all at one place (as i understand other bindings, e.g. knx have no parameters on the binding level in OH2 anymore)

Cheers Rolf

I see no bigger problem to move it to the bridge. But I need more rainy evenings to change it :wink:

Hello @csowada ,
congratulations for the work done.
I have a Unical Alkon Cargo 35 with E8.5064V1 control unit, can it be interfaced with this binding?

So I hope for a rainy weather forecast😉 thank you for your efforts