[eBUS] ebusd-configuration converter for eBUS 2.0 binding ***experimental***

Today I uploaded the first export of the great ebusd-configuration files to github. These files are currently only “Work in Progress” and don’t work in most cases. But you can already use them for handmade configurations.

In the next days I will publish more details and the sources for this project.



nice work. I try to test it. With the File “SOLSY.ec.solsy.sc_configuration.json”. Its the parser for the Solarpanels. I have a working parser an add the some commands of your file. When I only add the “Statistic commands” they appears in PapierUI, but it receives no values.

When I Add further commands, it don’t work. In these commands is the type “template-block”. How I get this? I see an own parser vaillant_template.json. Should I Copy the to the RPI? and add it in PapierUI?

So, I’ve updated the configuration files. They are not working out-of-the-box with the RC1 binding. So it is more a copy template at them moment. And yes, you also need the vaillant template json, it contains all ebusd templates and is important. Later on I will merge both vaillant template files, but at them moment I reduced the work on openhab, other things to do :slight_smile:

I think you do a good job. One question: Who I get the template.json in OH? In the configuration of the Binding? Because the Template had no header, it don’t work? Or must I create an header? I don’t understand who the two files works together.

Hi i have a Vaillant VWS 82/3 and i want use the new files. Here my ebus.cfg
Can everybody check is everythink ok because i will find a lot of slave but i don´t prase any value