eBUS Wolf CWL300 Ventilation


I’m facing the same problem: Integrate my ventilation unit (Wolf CWL 300 Excellent) into OH. Just for my understanding:

  • 1x Raspi with installed edusd as a Gateway (MQTT <-> eBUS)
  • 1x ebus coupler to get the ventilation unit network-ready

Is the Gateway-Raspi direct connected to the ebus coupler OR provides the ebus coupler a full network interface (with own IP address for each device, i.e. Gateway-Raspi has an IP address and the ebus coupler have another IP address)?

Getting values is nice, but is it possible to full control the fan speed of the ventilation unit and to turn the fan on and off?

My CWL has an control unit on top of the case and a second one, called BM2 … is it a problem when I use this third control option via ebus (hinder themselves, e.g. the bm2 gets into struggle because of setting values by ebus etc.)

Sorry, for the questions. I’m starting the integration of the ventilation unit and just need some hints for the right direction :wink:


Hi BananaBender,
did you find answers of your questions? Is sad nobody answered you.
I now solve the same situation like you, can you share your experience? I hope you achieved success