Echo Binding - Volume change doesnt work

Hey guys,

I’m using Echo Binding to Control my different Amazon Echos in the house. Works fine but I’m not able to change the Volume with openhab. As, from my understanding, I did everything exactly like in the addon descrption

but it isn’t working.

I add items and rule with which Im currently testing the function. Maybe someone can tell me whats wrong.


String          Echo_Buero_Volume   "Lautstärke Buero [%.0f %%]"  (Alexa) {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:account3:echo3:volume"}
rule "Echo Sprachausgabe"
    Item Test_Schalter  changed to ON
    Echo_Buero_TTS.sendCommand("Dies ist ein Test der Lautstärke")
    sendCommand(Test_Schalter, OFF)


I thought I had found my mistake, but unfortunately I was wrong.
The Volume Item was string and not number. I changed it to number but its still not working.

Really nobody an idea?

According to the documentation it must be Dimmer

Changed it to dimmer now… still not working :frowning:

hey all,

sorry to get back to this but I was still not able to get it working and I dont have any ideas left.
I tried it as dimmer and as number item. I saw the format of the violume and changed my rule to that format. So instead of working with 10 / 50 / 100 is used 0.5 or 1.0 in my rules but it still doesnt change.

I really dont know what the problem. I guess a lot of people are using this feature so maybe someone can help.

I add the item with the popup showing its current value and my testrules.

rule "Testerei"
    Item Test_Schalter  changed to ON
    Echo_Buero_TTS.sendCommand('Test volle Lautstärke')

rule "Testerei 2"
    Item Test_Schalter2 changed to ON
    Echo_Buero_TTS.sendCommand('Test halbe Lautstärke')

Can someone help?


I can only provide my rule, which works a bit differnet to yours.
In OH 2:

My item:

Dimmer Echo_Living_Room_Volume “Volume [%.0f %%]” (gAlexa, gAlexa_Living_Room) {channel=“amazonechocontrol:echo:myecho:volume”}

My rule to turn the volume up:

var Number vol = Echo_Living_Room_Volume.state as Number
vol = vol + 7
logInfo(filename , "var Vol: " + vol.toString)

In OH3 it looks like this:
Item is still a “Dimmer”
Rule like this (javascript) to turn the vloume up:

var echovol;
echovol = itemRegistry.getItem(‘AlexaEchoDot_Lautstarke’).getState();
echovol = echovol + 8
events.sendCommand(ir.getItem(“AlexaEchoDot_Lautstarke”), echovol);

Maybe this helps you.

Greetings Eckart

Thanks a lot.
I had to change a bit but on this way it worked.
In the end the online difference is that I know transport the number into the item using a var instead of giving it directly… strange. But anyway it works and thats the important part