Echo Control Binding disconnect after undefined time

Hi, i got problems with the Echo Control Binding. I can connect to amazon and the thing goes online, but after a while the thing automaticly got ERROR:COMM.

[ntrol.internal.connection.Connection] - getSmartHomeDevices fails: Request failed

I’m using OH3.3. stable

What environment for OH3.3 are you using? and is there something in your network controlling the traffic? (like a firewall, pi-hole, …?)

OH run in a docker container.
The traffic goes through a fritzbox, there is no other FW or DNS Server.

“host” - or “bridge”?
the Amazon Echo Control Bindingn only works reliantly with host-option in docker.

None of them.
I created a new macvlan network for this container to give them a fix ip adress.

you could give it a try just to see with “host”, don’t know if macvlan does something crazy… :wink:

I will give it a try