Echo Plus hub with openHAB skill

Hi guys,

I’m new to automation and networking in general. I’ve set up a RasberryPI using hasbian and have an echo plus connected to a TP Link smart plug and a couple of hue lights.

I’ve added the openHab Skill to alexa and installed the HUE add-on but when I search for devices nothing is found. I know normally you need a hue bridge but the echo plus is supposed to work as a hub for each of the smart devices saving you having to buy each brands hub.

Am i missing something? Can I use the Echo Plus as the hub with openHAB or would i need to go out and buy a Zigbee hub as well (which would kind of make the echo plus pointless).

Any help would be appreciated as I new and can’t find any info regarding this on the community and any youtube videos about connecting alexa assume you already have the seperate hubs and are connected to your items via openHAB already.


There are reports from some people (including myself), that the new generation of amazon devices do not find anything that is shared via hue emulation.

i think my situation maybe slightly different as I don’t have any items let alone tags on items. No items are found when I search for devices on openHAB (after installing the add-on) but all of my devices are detected by Alexa, I also have TP Link smart plugs that aren’t found. A little weird to be honest. Best of luck on your situation hopefully openHAB get a patch out to fix it for you :slight_smile:

@mikehene not sure why you posted the same question twice, in this thread and here: Hue & TP Link bindings are not detecting devices that Alexa does

This is not cool