Echonet Lite Support? (for Mitsubishi MAC-568IF-E Wifi Controller)

I have a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner with a MAC-568IF-E Wifi Controller that supports Echonet Lite direct integration.

I see there was some work done for a binding years ago, but I’m unsure if this is the correct way to go (or even how to install it to try).

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding Echonet Lite?


FYI - Also found that the HA team have a working integration for Echonet as well

That first one looks like a version 1 binding developed yeas ago. Although it MAY work with the current 2.5.x versions, v1 bindings are not expected to work with OH3 that is now under development.

I enabled V1 Bindings and it did not appear in PaperUI so I’m pretty uncertain if (or how well) it works at all. So far this is the only device I’ve been unable to add to openHAB. If I wanted to “try” this old binding, how would I add it given it does not appear as an option?

It is not part of the openHAB distribution so you would need to manually install it.

Assuming you have a common Linux installation, you would need to place the jar file and any dependencies, if needed into /usr/share/openhab2/addons to be manyually installed. The addon will not show in the Paper UI but it should work if it is compatible with the OH changes over the last 4 years…

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Thanks - I’ll give the manual install idea a skip I think. I’d prefer an up to date, stable, and support system.

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Doing some more digging and it looks like the existing OpenHAB 2 Daikin Binding is also based on Echonet Lite. I can install the binding and manually add my Mitsubishi AC and it will “Connect” and it will read some values Like Mode, FanSpeed, FanDir, HomeKitMode and Power (but not SetTemp, IndoorTemp or OutDoor Temp). Trying to power it up does not work.

@JimT , I see you had done heaps of work to get other Daikin controllers working and was wondering if you have any insight into getting the Mitsubishi one working as well? In the OP I also posted the link to HA’s working code for this controller. Thanks in advance!


I took a quick look at those links you provided, both the old openhab binding and the HASS stuff. It appears that they both communicate with the aircon using UDP, which is completely different to how the Daikin binding communicates with the daikin controller (via tcp/ http(s)).

You could probably use this with openhab:
I haven’t really looked into it / tried it, just did a quick search for “echonet mqtt” on github.

Thanks Jim… I’ll check our the mqtt binding option!

Thanks again Jim, but I’d need to install a MQTT Binding, MQTT Broker, Docker Container, and then the source in the docker. I did spend a couple of hours on it but figured it would be much more elegant to have a native OH2 Binding for Echonet Lite Support. It would not only support my MAC-568IF-E controller but a whole heap of devices. Here is their Web Page:

So on that front (as it is way out of my expertise), what is the “approved / ethical” process to offer a bounty for development (or port of the HA code)? I paid A$200 for the MAC-568F-E controller so I figure I’d offer the same for a openHAB Echonet Lite binding.

Many people have used bountysource. Searching here may turn up more details. I remember Kai recommending that.

Thanks. Not sure if I’ve done it correctly but I’ve:

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