Eclipse Designer 2.0

I have tried to use Designer 2.0 and would like to ask some questions.

  1. is this tool already in a kind of release (beta) stage or would you recommend to use some different editor?

  2. Im seeing that syntax which used to be ok in designer 1, is now flagged with and error and I have to apply some strange workarounds.
    e.g.sendCommand(Energie_Jahr_Acc,Zaehlerstand.state as DecimalType) is flagged with an error.
    sendCommand(Energie_Jahr_Acc,0.0 + Zaehlerstand.state as DecimalType) is ok.

  3. Also I have noticed that some Classes, e.g. DateTime is always flagged with an error and that I can then include a related class via the error context menu and the error is gone.
    But when opening the file again, the procedure has to be repeated again.

  4. all the import statements are flagged with an error. So I guess they should be removed. I remember I read this somewhere.

In general, should we already start testing designer and report bugs, or is this second priority and let’s focus on openhab2 as such for the time being.

regards Martin