Eclipse errors with Thing and ThingStatus

within the following rule eclipse shows errors. Why?

rule "zwave_test_node15"
	Thing "zwave:device:0d89b258:node15" changed
	val String thingUID = "zwave:device:0d89b258:node15"
	var thingStatusInfo = getThingStatusInfo(thingUID)

	if (thingStatusInfo !== null) {
	    logError("", "Thing status: " + thingStatusInfo.getStatus().toString() )
	    pushover("Node15 Status: " + thingStatusInfo.getStatus().toString())
	} else {
	    logError("", "The thing \""+ thingUID + "\" doesn't exist.")

The first one refers to line 3:

Thing "zwave:device:0d89b258:node15" changed

and says: “No viable alternative at input ‘Thing’”

The second error refers to line 6:

var thingStatusInfo = getThingStatusInfo(thingUID)

and is: “The method getThingStatusInfo(String) is undefined”

Rule has been taken from the docs:

ESH Designer has not, and with the release of the superior VSCode extension, will never keep up with all the new features in OH. As of now ESH Designer will erroneously mark as wrong:

  • Channel triggers
  • Thing status
  • All add-on Extensions
  • References to Items not defined through .items files

As new features are added, expect there to be more and more that ESHD no longer supports. Development on it has stopped and the VSCode extension is the recommended editor.

Ok @rlkoshak , Thanks for the explanation

I do have the same problem with ESH designer 0.8…0 and the getThingStatusInfo.
I am on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2 and I did try VXCode with the Openhab extension 3.5 but it does not seem to check the syntax. If i put a wrong statement there is no error indicated.
I must be missing something?
Thanks for any help

As documented here: you must configure the extension with the IP address and ports for your OH installation and you must be running 2.2 release of OH.