[Eclipse IDE 2019-09] Status?

I’m wondering whether this version is already supported as neither run nor debug configuration appears after a fresh installation (or the common instructions are completely outdated) of this IDE.

Any pointers to a suitable Eclipse version for binding development appreciated!

Regards, Guenther

There had been some comments earlier, that the latest version actually supporting bnd tools is 2019-03.

Thanks, @hmerk, for this remark.

Unfortunatelly the 2019-03 version of Eclipse shows the same emptyness in the area of run/debug configuration. With the versions 2018-09 and 2018-12 the installer terminates with some errors.

What I recognize comparing the new installation with the other recent development system, is that the installations of 2019-03 and 2019-09 are lacking the complete area of Eclipse Application run configurations. Therefore, even an export of it with a followed reimport on the new system fails.

Is there any alternative beside the mvn ?

Regards, Guenther

I can’t really follow what you are saying. Could you please attach some screenshots.

Ok, sorry for the inconvenieces.
These two screenshots come from the new development environment:

And this one is the launch configuration when using the older development system (based on 201806):


Even the export of the openHAB_Runtime and the reimport into the 2019* Eclipse does not work.

Greetings, Guenther

Ok, I see. Don’t have a complete guide or explanation, but from my knoledge, you need to double click on app.bndrun (your second screenshot) as the buildsystem changed to bnd.

This sounded as a solution. But leads me to much more trouble … throws a lot of unresolved resolution.

For the time being, I’ll reuse the older development environment…

Maybe this description can help with installation and setup: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/issues/927#issuecomment-507705390