Eclipse IDE PaperUI missing

(Garry Mitchell) #22

Right-click, Run As -> PaperUI Setup

It took about 15 minutes to run and complete here - just let it do its thing.

Can't get IDE running properly
(Ron) #23

Yeah, just found it after posting. It’s running, and running, and running… :sunglasses:

(Scott Rushworth) #24

From the testing I’ve done while trying to get Paper UI in Core Development, those errors sound like you need to run the setup tasks again. Did you select both Core Development and Addon Development selected in the installer?

(Hilbrand Bouwkamp) #25

FYI the ui’s have just been moved to their own repository:
If you would do a rebase of your branch to the main openhab2-addons they will be gone.

(Scott Rushworth) #26

Thank you, @hilbrand. I saw the PR yesterday, so was expecting this. After your post, I see they are now gone from openhab-addons and the PR has been merged. Sounds like we’ll need to stop installing IDEs again, until the setup is updated.

(David Graeff) #27

There is one PR still pending on openhab-core that moves the dashboard to -webui. After that has happened, at least all files are where they belong to.

(Michele) #28

Do you let us know when it’s available?
I’m still !!!

(Michele) #29

If you are referring to this PR, it has been united

Quite right?

(Michele) #30

I have seen in these days several PR merged for the management of UI.
How can I push the update for IDE?

(Scott Rushworth) #31

The best people to ask are the maintainers. Report your issues in Github, and if you can, help with a solution. Core, Addons and Webui all have active issues related to UIs, builds, or the IDE. There have been some major changes, so we’ll need to be patient as everything gets put back together again!

(Michele) #32

Hello @wborn,
These days I have seen several PR mergers for the operation of PaperUI, congratulations for the hard work you do.
What I can not understand if you can run a new installation running on Eclipse IDE, up to 2 days ago the UI did not work.
I need the installation to take the development and debug a binding.
What can you suggest?

(Wouter Born) #33

Today I tested this and got a working Paper UI in Eclipse.
I did need to update the launch configuration with the changes in PR #885.

(Michele) #34

I tried a new installation with Latest Release (2018-12)
No duplicate Equinox bundles anymore
PaperUI not work