Eclipse IDE Setup

Hi guys,

could someone give me an up to date explanation of setting up an eclipse IDE for openhab2? The one from the website is - sorry for the harsh word: crap.

Installed a new eclipse (photon) selected advanced an clicked the entries for openhab. Got a 100 Errors or if only select “openhab Development” 0 errors - but there is no java code to execute.

So if anyone could write down an explanation of how to set up from zero I would be very thankful.

Cheers and have a nice evening

I don’t know what crap page you were looking at. But if it made you believe photon was a new version of eclipse, you were looking at an old page. This page contains up-to-date installation steps:

If you were already on that page. Then selecting all options is not what that page suggests and it’s correct that if you only install development you won’t see any Java source files. Because it will give you the runtime environment to start with. Depending on what you want to do you can import any additional binding source code or core projects.


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