Eclipse IOT Market bindings not available

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Perfect, thanks! Bug report complete.

From the comments of Wouter Born at git in response to your bug report it does not sound promising. Wouter is saying we are limited to seeing only 10 nodes/addons and no apparent way of increasing this number

Why it is now limited and how the 10 are decided is not clear to me, but this seems to be a definite change in response from eclipse.smarthome website

As far as I understand the REST API there are different ways to search the marketplace(s), to download the catalogs.
One way would be run a search query which should return with 10 results per page. It then according to the docs should be possible to switch to the next page to get next 10 entries.
A query could look like

the XML result then is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <search term="openhab" url="" count="38"/>

there should be 38 results - but the content is not shown.
Count 38 matches with 38 results if I use the search page at the marketplace.

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There is some discussion and info at that might provide additional background if you have not already seen it.

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thanks, at the time I had a look to that thread the recent ones were not there. I see the same behavior.

Good news, I managed to ping the right guy, who reverted the changes on Eclipse server side, which in turn fixed the issue, see

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Thanks @Kai I can confirm, I now see all the bindings.

Thank You

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