Eclipse OH2 Add-ons to Infrastructure hand holding

I’m new to openhab, have some basic Java programming experience (albeit 12 yrs ago), but mostly with 3rd gen languages(C/C++ embedded, assembly etc…), and am familiar with many IDE’s using Eclipse, VS, and NetBeans most recently. I’m trying to get to the point where I can create and deploy OpenHab projects. Not understanding the infrastructure, and mechanics of OpenHab, I’m trying to learn how to use it following the provided tutorials. I followed the instruction provided in the link “” and included OH2 Add-ons. After installation, when I run openHAB_Runtime.launch, and then bring up the user interface “” I don’t see the bindings from OH2 Add-ons, in the Add-ons bindings tab. I was under the impression I need to build it and add it to a subdirectory someplace (Addons). For some reason my Things are popping up in my inbox, but I didn’t install them! My basic question is how do I add the items from project OH2 so that they are seen in the paperUI.Add-ons.BINDINGS tab, when running openHAB_Runtime.launch? Thanks!