Eclipse Smarthome Designer - does not display all items

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the most recent version 0.8 of Smarthome Designer (on Mac OS) does not show all items configured in the config files in the dialogue on the left. Especially those items not belonging to any group.

Is this a feature or intentionally?

Greetings to the community - this is a great project,


You mean that it doesn’t show all the *.items files or that it doesn’t show all items in the editor after you open the relevant *.items file?

On the left menu you should see only the *.items files, not the defined items themselves. The defined items will be shown when you open the Items editor (middle section)

You could try the new openHAB VS Code Extension for Visual Studio Code

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The lower left section displays Groups and the Items within the Groups. An Item will display under each Group in which it has been defined as a member. Items that are not members of any Group do not appear in the the lower left section.
“Items” is the heading of this section and tends to be misleading. As far as I can tell it is display only, with no actions available for the entries.

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Hi Dim,

many thanks for pointing me to the VS code extension. Looks very promising.

While testing I ran into one issue; “Show in PaperUI” seems to use “localhost:8080/paperui/index.html” --> in my installation it should be “localhost:8080/ui/index.html”.

Looking at the code, it seems the URL is hardcoded --> will raise an issue.



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