Eclipse SmartHome Designer installation on Raspberry pi3

Hi guys, I am about to install Eclipse SmartHome designer to work with Openhab2 on my Raspberry pi3.
However, I am unable to execute file that I have downloaded. Based on what I have read CPU and version of ESH need to have the same bite, in my case 32 and that is good. I was trying to extra it in downloads; however, per some articles the file need to be extracted to system files so I did so to opt file. However, no help at all. I have also tried all different versions of ESH what Eclipse have on their site, no help. Also, changed different options for java as I have read that this may help as well but not in my case. Do you have any idea how to execute it or if there is a way to install Smarthome feature of Eclipse because I was able to install regular Eclipse but not the Smarthome.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Binaries are not available for the 64-bit ARM architecture.

You have to edit on a supported machine and then sync to the target. I do not recommend enabling samba as elsewhere in the docs as SMB is far too weak a protocol to be open on an exposed machine. sftp, rsync, and/or git over ssh are much safer options.

It’s unusual to install the Designer at Raspberry, typically you would install the Designer at your Desktop and share your configurations through samba.

Udo_Hartmann, can you please explain this one again ? I have a raspberry pi as a openhab server and control the raspberry with my Mac. So, shall I install the Designer on my Mac instead of installing on my raspberry ?

Yes, you should install the Designer at your Mac. Please use samba at your Raspberry to share the /etc/openhab2/ folder with your Mac (see for details)

Do I have to consider something specific? Eclipse doesn’t want to start on my mac, it seems to be connected with java, but I have the latest version.
In this post, there is more information: Needing help with simple rule to turn off all the lights Post number 9

Thank you for mention Samba, this works ! The eclipse Designer unfortunately not :frowning:

Did you already try 32bit? You can install both 64bit and 32bit Java at the same time. Maybe you have to take care of the runtime, used from Designer (in 32bit Version).