EcoBee Binding Does not See Remote Sensor

I have an issue with the EcoBee binding. I have an EcoBee three with five remote sensors. All five appear to be operating according to the EcoBee website. However, for just one of them, OpenHab is unable to retrieve a value. I see values for this sensor’s occupancy sensor and thermometer go out to my MQTT server because I have “publish all state changes” switched on. However, whereas the other four have valid values this one simply has “uninitialized” for both values. Not sure how to approach this. I changed the battery but it made no difference. I’ve proof read my settings over and over and, other than the names, it looks identical to the other four items. Here they are:

Number          Main_Thermostat             "Main Thermostat [%1.f F]"                          (G_Floor1, G_IndoorEnv) { ecobee="<[000000000000#runtime.actualTemperature]" }
Number          Kitchen_Temp                "Kitchen Temperature [%1.f F]"                      (G_Floor1, G_IndoorEnv) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Kitchen).capability(temperature).value]" }
Number          Hallway_Temp                "Hallway Temperature [%1.f F]"                      (G_Floor1, G_IndoorEnv) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Hallway).capability(temperature).value]" }
Number          PoolRoom_Temp               "Pool Room Temperature [%1.f F]"                    (G_Floor1, G_IndoorEnv) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Pool Room).capability(temperature).value]" }
Number          BedMaster_Temp              "Master Bedrooom Temperature [%1.f F]"              (G_Floor2, G_IndoorEnv) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Master Bedrooom).capability(temperature).value]" }
Number          Loft_Temp                   "Loft Temperature [%1.f F]"                         (G_Floor2, G_IndoorEnv) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Loft).capability(temperature).value]" }
Switch          KitchenMotion_Sensor        "Kitchen Motion Sensor [MAP(]"      (G_Floor1, G_Sensors) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Kitchen).capability(occupancy).value]" }
Switch          HallwayMotion_Sensor        "Hallway Motion Sensor [MAP(]"      (G_Floor1, G_Sensors) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Hallway).capability(occupancy).value]" }
Switch          PoolRoomMotion_Sensor       "Pool Room Motion Sensor [MAP(]"    (G_Floor1, G_Sensors) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Pool Room).capability(occupancy).value]" }
Switch          BedMaster_Sensor            "Master Bedrooom Motion Sensor [MAP(]"  (G_Floor2, G_Sensors) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Master Bedrooom).capability(occupancy).value]" }
Switch          Loft_Sensor                 "Loft Motion Sensor [MAP(]"         (G_Floor2, G_IndoorEnv) { ecobee="<[000000000000#remoteSensors(Loft).capability(occupancy).value]" }

Obviously I removed the thermostat identifier.

Any suggestions welcome. I will also ask this question on the EcoBee forum (assuming they have one).

Too many lowercase o’s in the label?

Expletive deleted I cannot believe I did that. You can’t image how many times I reviewed those lines. I guess you read what you think is there.
Thank you very much!

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