[Ecobee binding in OH3] temperature not displayed in Celsius and missing forecast temperature

Hi all,

I just updated to OH 3, and that comes with a newer version of the Ecobee binding. I haven’t tried the Ecobee action yet, but so far it works quite well except the following 2 issues:

  1. I can’t get the binding to display temperature in Celsius; it always in Fahrenheit.
  2. The forecast0 structure doesn’t return the temperature or humidity values.

Has anyone seen these issues?


Not without seeing how you have defined your Items :wink:

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Oop. I followed the binding instruction. Here are my items:

Number FF_GreatRoom_Thermostat_ActualTemperature "Thermostat Temperature [%.1f °C]" 
  { channel="ecobee:thermostat:account:411921195555:runtime#actualTemperature" }
umber VT_Outdoor_Temperature "Outdoor Temperature [%.1f °C]" (gWeather)                            
  { channel="ecobee:thermostat:account:411921195555:forecast0#temperature" }                        
Number VT_Outdoor_RelativeHumidity "Relative Humidity [%d %%]" (gWeather)                           
  { channel="ecobee:thermostat:account:411921195555:forecast0#relativeHumidity" }


I found the issue with the forecast. It’s a binding bug. If there is no item linked to the weather channel, the binding won’t ask the Ecobee server for forecast info. Can be worked around by adding a dummy item like this:

DateTime VT_Outdoor_WeatherTimestamp "Timestamp [%1$tA, %1$tm/%1$td/%1$tY %1$tl:%1$tM %1$tp]" <time> (gWeather)         { channel="ecobee:thermostat:account:411921197263:weather#timestamp" }  

See this post: Ecobee binding v2 - #38 by jakdock.

Still scratching my head on the Celsius display problem.

I found the solution for the temperature problem. The first thing is to set the temperature unit in the OpenHab Regional Settings (make sure to click on Show Advanced.

Then for all existing temperature items, ensure that the type is Number::Temperature, not just Number as in the Ecobee v1 binding.


Number:Temperature VT_Outdoor_Temperature "Outdoor Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" (gWeather)            
  { channel="ecobee:thermostat:account:411921195555:forecast0#temperature" }