Ecobee Binding Not Auto-Refreshing In ClassicUI

I have a fairly simple OpenHab2 install Im currently testing. I have a single sitemap used in ClassicUI that loads a monitor/control section for my thermostat and a webview item that shows a frame with the utility prices for the day. The issue Im running into is that the ecobee temps are not auto-updating. If I hit temp up/temp down, the function works, however I have to manually refresh the page to get the monitored and set temps to reflect the change. Same thing with the room temp, it only updates when I manually refresh the page.

I used the example rules and items found under Basic Configuration here -

I used similar sitemap, but removed what I didn’t need. Here’s my sitemap -

Any ideas? Ive been contemplating a way to inject html code to make the entire UI auto-refresh (which I’d be ok with, Im just not 100% how to do)