Ecobee binding v2

Yes, my Ecobee account disconnected today, too.
But I’m still running the old 4.1.1 version of the binding.

Did it recover immediately after getting the error code 14?

The one you’re running is essentially the same as the one that was merged into the distribution.

The test version I’m running, which tries to force a token refresh, didn’t fair so well lol.

Yes, just got 1 oAuth error line and everything was working again after that.

I’m doing a ton of teaking other stuff right now, so I actually don’t have the error log anymore to show you. I do know it was just 1 error line though.

Best, Jay

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FYI 4.1.2 is out containing the fix for the error code 14

Great news, just in time. Ecobee bailed out again overnight. Updating now.

Yep, happened to me too. Seems to be happening every few weeks lately. Very happy it recovers now.

I saw there was another hiccup yesterday (3 Apr) at 12:33:58.

@Tron Did you update to 4.1.2? If you had the issue too, how did the binding react?

As OH 4.1.2 came out a few weeks ago I updated, and so am now also on the improved binding.
No issues that I can see (we did, however, have an internet outage yesterday starting 1400 CDT, which may have masked it, not sure which timezone your time is referring to).

Yeah, sorry, that was US EDT.

NP. In that case, that was a few hours before our internet went down, so it looks like the binding is now catching those Ecobee hiccups correctly.

Thanks again!