Ecobee Binding: Weather Forecast Not Populating

I don’t know when it stopped populating but my Ecobee binding is not updated the forecasted temperatures for later in the week. I see the values in the iOS app. Anyone else have the same issue before I start troubleshooting?

Might have to move to another weather service, but this seemed so easy…

IIRC, in order to pull the forecast, you need to have items linked to one or both of the channels in the weather channel group (i.e. weather#timestamp and weather#weatherStation). Can you check that this is the case for your setup?

Otherwise, I’m not sure what might be the issue.

That might be it…I cleaned up some unused items over the last month.

Decided it was time to finally link my weather station to WU and use the weather company binding instead, so did that work and removed all other forecast items and now can’t really test. Sorry!

Thanks for the reply…

just getting back to this, and can confirm that does the trick.

I’ve finally gotten around to setting up some rules based on the weather info provided by ecobee. I had a hard time getting the data, but then found this thread, which helped me learn about needing to link items to the timestamp and weatherstation channels.

It worked!.. temporarily. Unfortunately, the data doesn’t appear to be updating. Right now it’s about 26 degrees F outside, but the item linked to the forecast#0temperature channel is still showing 40.9 F that it was when I first set the item up earlier today.

At first I thought maybe I needed to send an update to the “Weather timestamp” item with the current time, to get it to pull the current temperature. But that didn’t work. I can’t think of what else might get the data to refresh. (My Refresh Interval (normal) on the Ecobee Account thing is set to 30 seconds).

Any idea what I’m missing here?

I’m no longer using this approach for weather information myself, but I would try re-authorizing the app… but wait for other answers as well…

You could try turning on TRACE mode and look at the JSON payload coming back from Ecobee (warning it’s very large, so don’t leave the binding in TRACE mode for very long). If it’s showing 40.9, and your Ecobee profile is configured with the correct location, then there’s not much that can be done.

Personally, I’ve never used the weather forecast info coming back from Ecobee, so I can’t comment on the quality or accuracy of the forecast.