Ecobee Binding: Weather Forecast Not Populating

I don’t know when it stopped populating but my Ecobee binding is not updated the forecasted temperatures for later in the week. I see the values in the iOS app. Anyone else have the same issue before I start troubleshooting?

Might have to move to another weather service, but this seemed so easy…

IIRC, in order to pull the forecast, you need to have items linked to one or both of the channels in the weather channel group (i.e. weather#timestamp and weather#weatherStation). Can you check that this is the case for your setup?

Otherwise, I’m not sure what might be the issue.

That might be it…I cleaned up some unused items over the last month.

Decided it was time to finally link my weather station to WU and use the weather company binding instead, so did that work and removed all other forecast items and now can’t really test. Sorry!

Thanks for the reply…