Ecobee manual / rule driven refresh

Is there a way to force a refresh from ecobee. I know I could set the default ecobee:refresh=180000 to a lower value but I don’t need to ping them that often. I just want to do a refresh, specifically of equipmentStatus, to find out if the thermostat actually preformed the action I wanted.

I know what you are asking for, but I doubt that equipmentStatus will update faster because of what the API docs say:

DO NOT poll at an interval quicker than once every 3 minutes, which is the shortest interval at which data might change.

In my Vera plugin, I do issue a refresh about five seconds after setting a hold, changing hvacMode, etc., because I have good reason to believe the data will have changed. But when it comes to reports from the thermostat or equipment, I don’t think it’s available in near real time.

Also, I’m concerned that when Ecobee implements rate limiting on the API (which they told me they’re working on), then this “fast poll” approach will cause problems. They also told me that they will have a “mobile-friendly” push API coming up – they are currently testing one that pushes changes to an Internet-addressable URL, eliminating polling altogether. That won’t work for openHAB, but their “mobile-friendly” extension later will.

So I think the Ecobee API may offer improvements in this area, but it may be that equipmentStatus updates won’t come in any faster than they currently do.