Ecobee relay status

I have several ecobee thermostats and I have a developer accounts so I can get the data from my thermostats into Openhab2. This works very well, I can see a whole lot of data in my log files and various sensors change, so I know my ecobee binding is working.

I want to run a window AC unit from my ecobee using an Insteon outlet. Currently I’m using Cron rules to run the AC unit so I know Openhab2 and my Insteon setup are configured correctly. Now, though I want to have my ecobee perform the control functions.

There are a great many settings in the demo ecobee config, but what I’m not finding, either because it’s not there, or because I just don’t see it, is a sensor that announces the position of the relay. When a thermostat controls an HVAC system, it closes a dry contact and allows current to flow to the appropriate point on the HVAC module, either cool or heat. Does anyone know of a way to check the position of the relay? I’d like to write a rule that enables my Insteon outlet when the relay is in the closed position and disables it when it’s in the open position. I know I can write rules to look for the temperature displayed by the thermostat and enable or disable based on temp settings, but I don’t want to do that as I lose all the advanced features of the thermostat such as recovery and vacation.

Does anyone know if ecobee can be made to provide relay status and if so, what the code would be to activate it?