Ecobee - Resume schedule

im having troubles resume schedule directly

ecobeeResumeProgram(currentClimateRef, true)

2016-07-20 14:49:55.791 [ERROR] [o.o.c.s.ScriptExecutionThread ] - Error during the execution of rule ‘Presence_AutoAway - Control’: The name ‘currentClimateRef’ cannot be resolved to an item or type.

Do you have an item named currentClimateRef? Also, if you are using the 1.9 version of the ecobee action and binding, the first argument is now the thermostat identifier, like “323131231243”. But for 1.8.*, your action calls looks correct, as long as you have an item named currentClimateRef.

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Thank you! found it the example rules do not match the example items

Are you saying there is an error in the Ecobee Examples wiki page? I see both an item and a reference to it in the rules. Does the example given not work for you?

I when off the link below

String program_currentClimateRef “currentClimateRef [%s]” { ecobee="<[123456789012#program.currentClimateRef]" }

then went looking for examples on how to change thermostat not just read it. i would have never guessed the two item examples were different.

i should have taken a step back but it was working for reading the data just not setting it.

thank you agian

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