Ecobee Rule Stay/Away based on Alarm

Hello all

What I would like to do is have my Ecobee3 set its program based on what my DSC alarm panel’s status is. I have the DSC alarm working great in openhab. I want to have that when I set the alarm to Stay or Disarm the Ecobee sets itself to Home. When the alarm is away it sets it to Away. Seems simple but im running into trouble. In my rules i have tried doing:

rule "Ecobee Home"
    Item PARTITION1_ARM_MODE changed to 2 OR
    Item PARTITION1_ARM_MODE changed to 0 

        ecobeeSetHold(currentClimateRef, null, null, "home", null, null, "nextTransition", null)

but that doesnt work. I’ve poked around at a few different things as well with no luck. It is calling the rule i checked, but nothing is happening. Any Ideas?

Under openHAB 1.8, the first parameter to ecobeeSetHold is an Item object. Do you have an item named currentClimateRef that is bound to the Ecobee binding for the thermostat you want to control?

Under openHAB 2 using the 1.9.x binding, the first parameter to ecobeeSetHold is now a string representation of the long decimal number that is the thermostat ID (like "442364556438").

Enable DEBUG or TRACE logging for org.openhab.action.ecobee and org.openhab.binding.ecobee to see what is logged.