Ecobee SetHold until next scheduled activity?

Hello Everyone,

I set my Ecobee to set a hold “until next scheduled activity”, which is an option within the preferences. When I change the setpoint temperature at the unit, it correctly tells me “hold until xx:xx”, which is the start of the next scheduled change (like the lowering of the heating setpoint at night".

Now when I do this with an openhab rule

ecobeeSetHold("4xxxxxxxxxxxx", setpoint1, setpoint2, null, null, null, null, null)

it sets the hold, but sets the hold to “indefinitely”, which means the next scheduled event is overridden.

The documentation lists the Hold Type as the second-to-last parameter. The ecobee api documentation gives several options for that, among them “nextTransition”, which is what I want. Openhab does not like this parameter, though:

The name 'nextTransition' cannot be resolved to an item or type

What needs to go there?


The code looks like it should work. And if the holdType is invalid, it would throw this exception.

Just to be clear, is this the call you’re making?

ecobeeSetHold("4xxxxxxxxxxxx", setpoint1, setpoint2, null, null, null, "nextTransition", null)

Arrgh, QUOTES, because it’s a string.
Now that I make the call with quotes, it works as expected.

Thanks a lot for pointing this out!

No worries. I’m pretty familiar with the code, as I’m working on a version of the binding for OH3.

Looking forward to it!

Although it’s currently working really well. I actually replaced my Nest thermostats with ecobees because of Openhab.