Ecobee unresolved error in designer

Am using the ecobee binding and actions. I am importing the ecobee action file but still get unresolved errors on all ecobee actions. ie ecobeeSetHold.

I am missing an include besides the action file?

import org.openhab.action.ecobee.*

Everything works though, so have not bothered to clean up the code until now.


Kimberly F

Hi Kimberly,

You don’t need include statements for actions, so I don’t think that is the cause for the unresolved errors (I assume you mean errors flagged in Designer). Thomas fixed this back in 1.7.1, where actions were not resolving in Designer. Not sure what is going on now.

I had to change the Ecobee action bundle for openHAB 2 compatibility (mainly replacing the first argument with a thermostat ID), but if you are using openHAB 1.8.*, this should not matter as the change is in later releases.

i am using 1.8 but not the newest update. yes, Its just a unresolved error in designer and have not mentioned it before because it still works. I am running on a rp2 and the designer is running on windows 10 , 64 bit.
I will update to 1.8.1 this week and see if it solves it.


Kimberly F

I am not sure the issue of unresolved actions running Designer on Windows was tested as working, and I don’t think 1.8.1 will show any difference in that regard. But thank you for the report, and I’m glad it works regardless of the error flags in Designer!

Thank you for the awesome Ecobee actions!!!

Kimberly F

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