Ecobee4 with Alexa - format for Alexa channels?

I think I described that right. I just got an Ecobee4 with Alexa built-in but cannot figure out how to reveal any of the Alexa-related channels for the thing to link items to… has anyone seen an example? I can’t find one…

What binding are you using to connect the device? The ecobee binding? If yes please also add the alexa binding and try to find the device with this binding. I don’t think that the ecobee binding supports alexa channels but I can not confirm this because I have no ecobee devices.

Thanks - have both Echo Control and Ecobee bindings going.

Just realized that it really isn’t going to matter as we are putting a Sonos Beam in the room at Christmas, so I’ll disable Alexa on the device by then. Will use a dot until then.

Still curious if it should work, however!