Ecolink Zwave Plus Door and Window Sensor not Recognized with OH2

Hello to All,

I would first like to thank everyone within the community that is supporting this project.

I am a complete newbie to OH2. I have had really good luck migrating from OH1 to OH2, but have now ran into my first significant problem and could really use some help and guidance.

I recently purchased a Ecolink Door and Window Sensor and verified it was in the Zwave Data Base before purchasing.

Manufacturer Ecolink
Manufacturer ID 014A
Device Description Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

Unfortunately it not recognized within OH 2.

I am not sure how to proceed without asking for help.

The error log shows the following issue…

NODE 14: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 014A:0004:0002::10.1

OH2 is installing the thing as unrecognized

Any help would be appreciated.



I have the same exact issue.

This device is in the database - maybe your device IDs have only been recently added in which case you will need to use the snapshot version if you aren’t already.

Information on the database is here.

I am having the same problem and am lost when you mean “use the snapshot version”. can you clarify please.

When you install OH, you can either use the release version, or the snapshot version. The release version is fixed at each release (so OH2 release was in January) where the snapshot is updated regularly.

This is documented in the install instructions on the docs site.

So I installed the snapshot version of OH2 but am still getting the same Unknown device. Any suggestions?

Try this…

Delete the unknown sensors and then remove the covers on the sensors (led should light), then rediscover the sensors.

Worked like a charm! Thanks!