Ecovacs Vacuum Cleaners Binding

Yes. Looks like you’re on version 20220921, while you need at least 20230118 for this fix. Updating (as in: uninstall and reinstall the binding) should fix this for you as well.

yes, i can help - but my english is not so good, but google helps me. I don’t know how to send you a PM.

It seems that updating from market I do not get version you mentioned. Is this correct 20230201?


Yes, that’s fine. I said ‘at least’ :wink:

Thanks for help, now battery status is in realtime.
I appreciated your help and quick repsonse.


Hi @maniac103 ,
since I updatet to last version, each time I restart OpenHab I got this:

Binding is installed, but looking at Things it seems not. I have each time to remove and reinstall.