Edit configuration with iPad

More and more I am moving my computer usage to my iPad. One of the things that I have not been able to find a good workflow for is editing the openHAB configuration.

I have an openHABian RPi that I access over SMB to edit the configuration files. I have a file based setup, and try to avoid Paper UI.

On my laptop I happily use VScode with the extension.

On the iPad, I currently use the Readdle Documents app with a Synced folder and use their built in text editor for some minor changes. Since there is no support for code editing this is cumbersome.

What I would like to be able to do, is to use a proper code editor like Textastic. But I haven’t found a way to open any specific openHAB file type (.items, .rules) in that app.

Has anyone already found a way of getting this working? Do you know a proper iOS editor that will open my configuration files?

Use an ssh or VNC client on the iPad (there are perfectly usable free ones available) and edit in-place.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am looking for a more native iOS experience. ssh and nano are perfect for minor quick fixes but when spending more time for example when writing rules I really like to have a better experience and IDE like functions (like Textastic).

Just found this while hunting for the same. Did you ever find a good solution? Cheers.

Has you seen code-server?
This could be an option.

I’ve not yet many experience with this, but this is what I try at the moment.
Runs in Safari/Browser, so it is device independent. Supports VS Code openHab Extension…

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