Edit KNX2 Things and items in Textfiles

I used the openhab2 knx2 binding as en early beta release by deploying the jar file into openhab2, because the knx2 binding was not part of the openhab2 package before openhab 2.3.

Today I updated my system (goeal was to update linux system only), which - unfortunately - results also in an update from openhab2.1 to openhab 2.3.
Now my KNX2 environment does not work anymore.
On the other side it is great, that knx2-binding is now part of the openhab2 distribution.

In the “old” world (openhab2.1 + betap knx2 jar file), I used textfiles (for items and things) to set up my knx environment, because it’s for me the easiest way to backup the configuration and my low-memory raspberrry pi does not handle the automatic project file parsing feature.

So my question is: how can I apply the old knx.things file and all the *knx.items files to the new added knx2.3 binding to get the old configuration work?

Currently my whole system is broken, because of the unexpected update from openhab2.1 to openhab 2.3.

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I never used the beta release of the KNXv2 binding so I don’t know if the syntax changed since then…

You may have to review all configs to make sure that they comply with the updated binding requirements


  1. https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/knx/
  2. KNX1 to KNX2 Migration Steps
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indeed - syntax changes are the reasons why KNVv2 beta binding configurations does not work with KNVv2.3.
Thanks for the note. :slight_smile:

Byt the way I have an additional question: the KNXv2 beta has the possibility to write changes to status-groups.
For example: KNX group 1/2/1 is for switching light on and KNX group 1/3/1 holds the state of the switch. The KNXv2beta used GA’s and statusGS’s.
But in tje KNXv2 docs I can’t find an feature like this.