Edit the automatically created group frame

Hi everyone,
i’m still quite new to openHAB but i can already control all my “things” via deConz and MQTT. I am setting up a sitemap and would like to know if you can get the automatically generated frames that are created when you add things to a group (like in the example below). I would like to take the frame of the thermostat group and adjust it. Bonus question: How does openHAB know that there are other properties behind the mode (auto, off, heat). How can I address these when I manually rebuild it?


Frame label="Thermostat"{
                Group item=TH_Arbeitszimmer


Number:Temperature     ThermostatArbeitszimmerTemperature    "Temperatur [%.1f °C]"      <temperature>            (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer)   {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:temperature"}     

Number:Temperature     ThermostatArbeitszimmerHeatsetpoint   "Zieltemperatur [%.1f °C]"  <temperature>       (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer)  {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:heatsetpoint"}

String                 ThermostatArbeitszimmerMode           "Modus"                     (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer)   {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:mode"}

Number:Temperature     ThermostatArbeitszimmerOffset         "Versatz [%.1f °C]"                   (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer )   {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:offset"}

Number:Dimensionless   ThermostatArbeitszimmerValve          "Ventilstellung"           (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer)   {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:valve"}

DateTime               ThermostatArbeitszimmerLastUpdated    "Letztes Update"  <time>           (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer)   {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:last_updated"}

DateTime               ThermostatArbeitszimmerLastSeen       "Zuletzt gesehen" <time>               (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer)  {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:last_seen"}

Number                 ThermostatArbeitszimmerBatteryLevel   "Batterieladung"  <batterylevel>         (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer)   {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:battery_level"}

Switch                 ThermostatArbeitszimmerBatteryLow     "Niedriger Batteriestatus" (Office, TH_Arbeitszimmer)  {channel="deconz:thermostat:bc9fab04:00158d00053d2c2c010201:battery_low"}


You can’t, directly.
This thread is probably worth a read -

Some bindings are able to discern device properties through discovery, and supply those in the form of default stateDescription properties to the item. You’ll see those if you inspect an Item’s JSON using the REST API.
It’s up to the UI to use those or not.

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