Editing rules file over network


Just wondering if anyone else comes across a bit of a random error, whereby a rule file will be working fine then i make an edit and save it and it stops working.
If i undo the edits and save it, it doesnt fix it.
Seems to be some sort of memory issue?

The error log randomly picks between saying unable to identify item or type for a real item name or ON from an if statement.

Can you provide us the OS of client and server?

Server - Linux - arm64 version running on a pine64.
Client windows 10

is there a message in the OH log file, that rules file cannot be reloaded and will be ignored?

I have a similar issue. My editor blocks the file after writing for a little while and therefore OH cannot open it and gives up.

Nope, says it is loading then says it is either empty or cannot be parsed.

Which editor do you use?
Have you tried EclipseSmartHomeDesigner?
Can you show the rule please.

Do you use the openHAB Designer für editing? In my case this will work mostly

Use notepad++ or eclipse

with notepad++ I have the same problem. Try notepad, mostly working., with EclipseSmartHomeDesigner I never had a problem.

But whenever I had a problem, the log file says something like file is open cannot be reloaded.

No idea what is the problem on your side. I edit always over the network.

im assuming it must be something like that because if i restart openhab the rule seems to work

Only editor that seems to not hold onto the file is notepad.
notepad++ and eclipse both throw errors

Check your samba config, notepad++ and ESHD should work without any problems, at least they do here.
Also make sure you are mapping a drive letter on your win system to your samba share.

I edit over the network with visual Studio code on windows editing a share from a Linux server hosting openhab2. I’ve never had problems. However, I had something that I thought was a problem.

When I would edit certain files, I think sitemaps in particular, I would get a message in the log about that file being empty. What I didn’t realize was that it them successfully read and parsed the file after outputting that error. It seems the error happened just at the instant that I was saving the file. Is it possible that this could be happening to you too, or are you certain the problem persists after the moment that you are saving the file?