EEBUS binding

Where can I find a binding for EEBUS ?
Not to be confused with EBUS for which bindings already exist.

As far I know there is no public one.

You can get the specs here (just register).
Any takers ?
Come on they even published this one for free !

before i take a look into the EEBus spec and try to implements something; Is someone already developing an EEBus binding?

that’s not available yet? Unfortuatly I’m not a programmer. But as I’m going to have that IF in home I’m very interested to connect to my OH installation.

Any news on this?
Would be interested as well, currently the VR921 is quite useless (just showing a few parameters in an Android app).
Would like to control the heat pump and load a buffer when there is emough sun and I have some spare electricity (after charging the BYD battery and the car)

Hi Thomas,
I’m using SMA Energy Monitoring
Very easy to use. I’m not sure if EEBUS would deliver more.

I am confused.
SMA Energy Monitoring is for checking the SMA SmartMeter.
That is actually Off-Topic.

I need to control a Vaillant flexoTHERM VWF87/4 VRC720 thru a VR921.

Not sure that and how a SMA-Smartmeter-Binding would help.

I need to get the SHIP-Protocol working.

You could also accomplish with an EBus (not EEBus) adapter or with a SG ready input.
Dunno yours but all decent heat pumps feature SGr.
Commercial spoiler: I’m offering an energy management system based on OH to provide these functions out of the box.

Yeap, if you can sell me one :wink:
Currently, there is no chance to get hold of these Adapters, unfortunately, else, I would have tried already.
I’m on the waiting list of ebusd.

But it would be much more convenient to just allow the ebus binding to communicate also with EEBUS protocol.
I am not sure, but that is supposed to be the future, no?

Currently I am controlling a BYD 13.8kWh battery, a Mercedes B250e via KEBA P30 and a BALBOA hot tub control to get rid of all my PV power.

Since May, we also have a heat pump from Vaillant, and I would like to control the heating times to the level that we produce heat when there is spare solar power.
Therefore I need to send commands to the heat pump, and the protocol available is EBUS via two-wire or EEBUS with the built in VR921.
So we DO have the signals in the network already, but OH does not understand it.
So the next option now is to buy a Loxone and use that one as an OH-EEBUS gateway. (500EUR is a bit of an overkill for that purpose, but if there is no other option, we will have to deal with it.)

Well, depends on who you’re asking. Sure EBus is outdated, but AFAIK it’s Vaillant mostly driving EEBus to date [well yes there’s recent activity in the market].
For me, Vaillant in itself has no future because of their closed shop product philosophy. My 21yr old - Vaillant - gas boiler will be replaced by a heat pump, but for sure it’s not gonna be any Vaillant.

My other suggestion was to use the (vendor independent !) SG ready input of your heatpump.
Even Vaillant devices should have it, eventually you need some extra circuitry (typische Geldmacherei) but it’s just 2 inputs.

Savings will likely never ever return you that invest. My EMS is only half the price and it also comes with EVCC integrated. EVCC have just announced an EEBus implementation, too. Dunno if this can be made to work for your purpose but probably worth checking.

You are right, for sure - proprietary protocols are a pain in the a**.
SMA supports Vaillant EEBUS/PV-Ready interface out of the box and can (apparently) talk to the Vaillant system and do it’s own “optimization”.

Anyway, since the EBus and EEBus are quite similar, and it is (apparently) currently not possible to get any EBus-Adapters the EBus-Binding can talk to, wouldn’t it be worth extending the EBUS-Binding with the EEBus-Protocol?

I would do it myself, but I do understand exactly NOTHING when it comes to JAVA, even though I am a software developer for 31 years now.

and regarding the savings: That might come back in a year, if the MERIT-Order stays with us.

That wasn’t the point. Point was it’s cheaper to implement the same thing without EEBus, you’ll get the same savings.

So you consider the EEBus being dead and not worth getting implemented into home automation?

Badly worded question. But as it stands today, for your application no it isn’t worth trying.

Don’t know nothing about EEBus, but perhaps you can find some solution for it on github and connect it that way with openHAB?

also worth a look, evcc is quite active atm and there’s an evcc binding for openHAB and @mstormi has implemented evcc into his EMS, also. Works fine with me.

Didn’t expect it being that complicate in 2022.

evcc is nice, but not what I am looking for.
Currently, I control the following consumers in my network already:

  • Battery (BYD 13.8kWh) new since mid August, controlled by the Inverter (FRONIUS Gen24)
  • Car (27kWh via KEBA P30, 6A-16A continuously variable) KEBA-Binding
  • hot tub (Balboa), Balboa-Binding

With that, the consumption of my PV (5kWp) was around 80%.

This is all controlled using rules in OH3 and working quite great with priorities, manual override and other gimmicks using several tablets hanging around in our house.

Now we implemented a heat pump with a 300l storage, a battery (13.8kWh) and some additional PV modules (another 6 kWp).

In September, we produced 1067kWh so far, consumed 400 directly, put 233 into the battery and put 434 back intoi the grid. We had to buy 15kWh so far in September.
Currently, there is just the hot water active and I would like to utilize the 300l service storage to heat up to 55°C or more, if there is sufficient energy left (after loading the house battery and the car).
This way, we have sufficient hot water to not have to consume any energy on using the heat pump when there are cloudy or rainy days in winter.

The target is to store as much energy as possible in our house.
I would like to control everything just from OH3, no other controllers in between or on top.

I have installed a Wolf CHC 07/300 heat pump in July 2022 and since the Wolf EEBUS Module seems to be discontinued there was no direct out of the box way to connect it to my SMA Tripower Inverter with SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.
Since the Wolf CHA / CHC is SGReady I chose to buy a Shelly One to supply the required signal. The Shelly is powered by the 23VDC Output of the heat pump main panel and closes the S02 SG Ready Input-Switch. I installed a rule into openHab watching the current power over-production from the PV generator and switching the Shelly accordingly to overload e.g. warm water to 55°C. It’s a very simple solution and was very easy to integrate. It’s working great from the first day on.

Which is how it’s done in my OH-based EMS, too hence that’s why I suggested this.
BTW, you can download a demo at to try with your HVAC installation.