Effekta / MPP / Axpert Inverter Bindig?

Hi All,

I’m looking for a Binding for Off-Grid Inverter.
Manufacturer is Axpert, Taiwan Distributor is MPP and a German Brand is Effekta.
Years ago, “OLIVER” build a very first Binding for this inverters.
I found it on Google Groups openhab Binding Effekta.
I’m very interested to contribute this binding for the newest Inverters.

Is “Oliver” who has devolvement this Binding a Member of this group?
I have very less experience in OpenHAB, my first start.

Thanks, Sigi

did you manage to integrate it ?

Hi Stanley,
not yet, but I want to have that for the future.
If there is time, then I will start the programming.

73, Sigi

Hello OM Sigi !

Nice to see some ham’s on here !

I have found some interesting code here: https://github.com/manio/skymax-demo

Maybe will try and use this to push the values to MQTT

There is a commercial application which already does this, but it is around $80, I think I will try and make something myself and push back to github

A proper OH binding would be nice, but probably I don’t have time for the learning curve at the moment

you may contact via details on qrz also if you want


Stan 9H1LO

Hello Stan,

that is great work from [Manio ](https://github.com/manio/skymax-demo)    what you found on github!

That is exactly what we need and your idea to push the values with MQTT is great!

Probable the easer way to bind to OH.

There are a lot of MQTT examples on github.

I found [here ](https://github.com/hirotakaster/MQTT)    a C++ MQTT lightweight library with examples.

        No idea if this is running on the raspi?

        I have no experience in C ++ or C.

Let me know,         if you succeed with the MQTT integration.

73, Sigi

Hi Stan,
I have search and found a other interesting project on github for axpert inverters with an Arduino ESP8266 WiFi.
Here the link: https://github.com/scottwday/InverterOfThings
The ESP8266 is more cheaper than the raspi and you have not the need of an LAN cable and the power comes direct from the inverter.
Instead of to send the values to thingspeak.com, send as MQTT.
There are also a lot of examples on github for MQTT on ESP8266: https://github.com/tuanpmt/esp_mqtt
But that is the same problem, I have none experience in C++ / C.

73, Sigi

Hi OM Sigi

I have quite a lot of experience with ESP8266 but at the moment my time is limited to work on this

I have plugged in a Pi and using skymax via exec i am parsing the JSON output into openhab, this will do for now, i need to find time to do it properly and parse the actual statuses ect, at least for now i can monitor the PV and batteries, try skymax-demo out…it works great and you can control everything on the inverter ! BTW the inverter causes a birdy around 14.220mhz and harmonics of it, it seems to be from the USB cable, i will put some ferrites on it later

here is a sample output:


Hi Stan,
yeah ! You did a excellent job! It looks very good.

After many hours, I got the skymax-demo to compile and run on new pi-3, jessie.
I fail at the simplest things … :joy:
The data strings are received and decoded to the display :grin:.

For the next step, I need more information.
With the “exec” command, you put the output to OH, respectively to a file?
I need the exact commands what you do.
And on the OH side: where comes the data from skymax? over a JSON file?
And how did you decode it?
Runs OH and skymax on the same PI?

I will you send more details via PM the next days.
Maybe, some other readers of the board are interested of your answers.

73, Sigi

I will try and find some time and make a tutorial with my configs