Electronic heating thermostat reverse engineering (Beok, Floureon, Decdeal)

(Leszek Leżoń) #21

Hi, could you write how you get AP working?

(Ohad Eytan) #22

Great work! I used it with Floureon and it worked perfectly.

(Eoin Daltún) #23

Tried with the T12-01 but unfortunately it didn’t work. It looks like there is no port open on the device itself so it’s probably subscribed to a service. From some packet sniffing it looks like it sends JSON to AWS but I haven’t been able to find out exactly what it or the App sends.

I could get it into AP mode by just letting it sit there for about a minute.
It would then provide a wireless AP THERM###

It’s this one Floureon Thermostat

This is what a registration messages looks like

(Ohad Eytan) #24

I paired it with their app first, only then tried with python broadlink.

I’m using this one.

(Eoin Daltún) #25

What app were you using to connect to it?
Mine uses the WeBack app.

(Ohad Eytan) #26

(Eoin Daltún) #27

Thanks for that. Unfortunately it looks like mine is using a different setup.

(Ohad Eytan) #28

I hope you will find a way to configure it.
If you figure it out eventually please keep us updated.

(Joel) #29

Hi all. I have installed three of these, and they’re great so far, apart from the step setting being 1.5C.

This means that I set the temperature to 21C (Auto) but on switches when it gets to 19.5C. I think it also switches off when it gets to 22.5… I’d prefer a 0.5C step

Does anyone know if it’s possible to change this setting some how?

Thanks in advance!