Eltako FAH60 (Enocen Sensor) - configuration problems with CUxD

I am using a sensor Eltako FAH60 to measure the outside brightness using CUxD with a Homematic CCU2.

The sensor is configured as “Funk-Temperatur-/ Feuchtesensor außen (HM-WDS10-TH-O)” in CUxD. Homematic shows brightness correctly and it can be used in scripts:
var FAH60 = dom.GetObject(“CUxD.CUX3504001:1.BRIGHTNESS”).Value();

In openHAB 2 the thing is recognized and 4 channels are available:
Signal Strength: homematic:HM-WDS10-TH-O:PI:CUX3504001:0#SIGNAL_STRENGTH
Low Battery: homematic:HM-WDS10-TH-O:PI:CUX3504001:0#LOWBAT
Temperature: homematic:HM-WDS10-TH-O:PI:CUX3504001:1#TEMPERATURE
Humidity: homematic:HM-WDS10-TH-O:PI:CUX3504001:1#HUMIDITY

Temperature and Humidity don’t Show any values, which is korrekt.

I tried to configure the sensor manual in the *.item, but without success:
Number bright01 “Helligkeit [%d]” (HSA0) {homematic=“address=CUX3504001, channel=1, parameter=BRIGHTNESS”}
Number bright02 “Helligkeit [%.0f]” {channel = “homematic:HM-WDS10-TH-O:PI:CUX3504001:1.BRIGHTNESS”}

None of the configurations shows values.
Any idea what is wrong
Thanks Georg