ELV RS 500 on Raspberry Pi

I got myself a Raspberry 3 with a homematic module and 5 sensors for the ELV RS 500 (not the weather station but only the sensors). My idea was to cuple these sensors with the Raspberry so I can log the temperature and humidity first and later control the heater with it as well.
Since I would like to use the Raspi for movies and music too, I decided to go with pivCCu.
I bought all this stuff some months ago but didnt manage to set it up until now. Now i set it up but cannot remember what I was up to, two months ago.
Anyway, now I found that the sensors wont work with the homematic CCU.

Can anybody tell me if they will work with OpenHAB?
Or is there even a way to use them and still be able to use the Raspi for other purposes like Kodi?

Thanks a lot