EM Binding doesn`t work


my em.binding for integration the EM1000WZ / EM1000GZ from ELV doesn`t work correct.
I receive Date from it, but any Data in one Number Item.

Here is the openhab.cfg


Here is the Item:

Number strom1 "Strom [%.2f ]" (gIN) {em="type=01;address=01;datapoint=CUMULATED_VALUE;correctionFactor=120"}
Number strom2 "Strom [%.2f ]" (gIN) {em="type=01;address=01;datapoint=LAST_VALUE;correctionFactor=120"}
Number strom3 "Strom [%.2f ]" (gIN) {em="type=01;address=01;datapoint=TOP_VALUE;correctionFactor=120"}

Here is my event.log

2015-08-09 12:33:10 - strom1 state updated to 47792
2015-08-09 12:33:10 - strom1 state updated to 2
2015-08-09 12:33:10 - strom1 state updated to 1250

And here the openhab.log

2015-08-09 12:33:10.480 [DEBUG] [o.o.i.t.c.i.AbstractCULHandler] - Received raw message from CUL: E010165B0BA0200E20449

The Data from the event.log is inside the hex code from the openhab.log, but unfortunately all data in Item Strom 1. You can see in the item, i have 3 different Data Items, datapoint=CUMULATED_VALUE, datapoint=LAST_VALUE, datapoint=TOP_VALUE.
But you see in openhab only the CUMULATED_VALUE data.

Have anybody a idea for this problem or a tip for more debugging?

Can i work with the data over a differnet way? The data is inside the openhab.log!
Maybe with Persistence?
Have I any failure in the Item or forgot anything in the openhab.cfg?