Email notification will not work

Hi, I did set up a rule in paper UI that should send me an email, when status of a homematic windows sensor changes. But unfortunately it does not work. Any idea, what I am doing wrong?
here two screens fro paper UI:

And the code I am using:
sendMail(“”,“Fenster Julian”,“Status des Fensters in Julian Zimmer hat sich geändert”)

You are giving very little information to work with.
Are there any error messages when you test your rule? that would help.
So I’m making a guess here:
Looks like you are using the next gen rule builder (
In your screenshot it says “Allows the execution of a user-defined script” but what you entered looks like the call for the builtin sendMail() function the Mail-Binding offers. So assuming you have the Mail Binding installed and configured: under “Actions” in the Rule builder you need to find some action that allows selecting or entering the functions a binding provides. Again, this is more guessing than knowing.

Hi Oli,
you are absolutely right! I am using the next gren rule builder. OK than I will try and find out how to trigger the mailbinding.
Or is there a way to trigger sending an email notification via the rule generator in the PaperUI?

  1. Create a file rules/test.rule
  2. Put the following text in the file:
rule TestSendMail
  Item State received update
  • Change State to be the correct name of the item in case it’s not the correct name.
  • Enter the correct parameters for the sendMail action (not a binding) as documented here.