Email summary - missing for 4 weeks and mailing list option not sending emails

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I had a problem with MS outlook 365, this has been corrected. but I find that I am not receiveing any summary emails from the OpenHab Comunity, I show the email header so that you know whiuch email i’m talking about.

as the above shows the last one received was 27/01/20 *(21 jan 2020)

I have been receiving them since sept 2018 so I’m done nothing to stop them until today when I check my preferences as shown below.

I may have changed the settings today to try to get the emails again, I hope that this returns the emails. If there has been a problem has it been looked into?

I’ve not received the email again so have made change the preferences as above.
Any help getting the summary emails again.

Done a bit of detective work, i.e set the email to mailing list 5 new topics when I look online but no emails. So i sent a password reset that came though so email address is correct on system. What can I do now looks like a promblem in community email system but if that was the case more people would be complaining.