Email verification failed

Not sure if I have a problem

Just set up the myopenHAB cloud

After registration I received the followin mail:

Hello [xxxyyyxxxyyy)!

Thank you for registering for openHAB Cloud service, a cloud companion for your awesome openHAB!

Just one more step…

Click on this link (I anynomized) to verify your e-mail address and activate your account!

Best regards, openHAB Cloud team!

The link resulted in an error in myopencould “wrong verification-code”.

But: It is online and I can view the the dashboard when I click the link.

Can I ignore the error and continue or is this email verification needed?

Thanks for help.

If you can log in and see your OH online status and access your UIs then then you can ignore this error.

Ok, all fine, is online, can work with it. IOS App works fine, IU’s are all accessible. Only issue: In Paper UI, deletion of an item is not possible. I can create, change, but not delete via myopenHAB access. Not a big issue, as I can do it later when I am local.