Embed a string to a say command

Is there any way to embed a string into the say command, e.g. to get the current state of an item read on my chromecast (default sink).

I already tried with this command…

openhab> smarthome:voice say ("hallo" + AAADummyitem.state())                                                             
Error executing command: Cannot coerce +(Token) to any of []

I did not check:


I think, you couldn’t use this in voice say.
In rules it works.

I’m using a rule to make my sonos boxes “say” something (posted here:Sonos ... Audio Sink ... Say? )
The string handed over to the say command can easily be changed.
The code part with the ‘notificationsound’ is specially for sonos.

Thank you for tis example but i don’t have cases.
I want my Chromecast to wake me up with “Good morning, today it has degres,…”

No problem, I am only know the older Chromecast binding, that one supported the say command, but it did not restart the previous music.