Embedded MQTT slower than Mosquito

Hi there community,

I’ve moved my MQTT from mosquito to embedded mqtt broker in OH 2.5 (latest snapshot version) and what I can tell now is that apart from all advantages which this can give me it has one big disadvantage - it’s slower. I need to wait about 1s untill my light goes off on sonoff realy. On mosquito it was almost like on cable…

Do you guys also notice that?


No, as most do not use the embedded broker. Also, it’s no longer being supported so I recommend moving back to mosquitto.

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Wow that was pretty long time when they support it ^^

Moquette has been out for a long time. But shortly after openHAB adopted it the developers of Moquette seem to have abandoned the project. Just to be clear, the problem is a lack of support from an upstream project, not that the openHAB developers decided to drop it.


Thank you for explanation. That sad that they abandoned the project. I need to go back to mosquito

That is what I recommend.:wink:

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