Ember USB Zigbee Dongle - Recognition on System Startup

Hi All,

I’ve bought the Bitron Video ZigBee USB Funkstick (with the Ember Coordinator) running on my Raspberry with OH . The good thing is that it’s recognized and working with the binding description after adding

sudo -s
modprobe cp210x
echo 10c4 8b34 > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/cp210x/new_id
in the console.

The bad thing is that after a restart of the System, this has to be done every time!

Can somebody help me if it’s possible to auto run this at Startup or the better way if this could be corrected in a next OpenHab2 Version to recognize the dongle directly?

Best Regards

My first post here.
If I am not mistaken (haven’t looked too far into openhab-code and I am just assuming based on my experience with linux) you could simply add it as a cron-job.

How good is the stick and have you had any other issues? Thinking about buying it. Price is OK and I can get it here in Germany.

Ok thanks.
Anyone else another possible solution for a beginner?

I’ve just used it with an Ikea tradfri GU10 lamp as a first test and this is working fine.
Just the Startup as described is not very user friendly…

Hi @frasiar!

I’ve been reading some information about what ZigBee USB controller I should buy and I have stumble upon your post. I don’t know if you have fixed your problem, but here you have a solution to make the driver solution permanent between restarts:

Anyway, would you like to comment your experience with the controller in the last two months? Is it stable?

Thanks for your help!

has already somebody tested with a zigbee 3.0 device like the tint bulbs?
could the 3.0 devices controlled by openhab?