Emojis in telegram bot messages

Trying to make some telegram bot messages a bit more visually appealing. Is there a list of the emojis and the code needed to send via a telegram bot message?

I’ve got one set up and working but had a hard time finding the right code for it.

telegramAction.sendTelegram("\ud83c\udf1d\n**\nMessage Here **")

Sends a decent looking message with the sunrise emoji.

Where can I find a list of those emoji codes?

I would e.g. try this Charbase: Emoticons
Select the one of your choice and then use the code that is stated to be Java/Javascript Escape.

Thanks @Wolfgang_S

That’s a much better list than what I’ve found so far.

You also may try Emoji unicode characters for use on the web
click on the related icon and use the surrogates code.

I’ll be using that page from now on. But it says it’s historical and gives a link to a full list of emojis. That page has every version of every current emoji embed as encoded base64 and takes forever to load in firefox or chrome.