Empty gray screen after user definition

Complete new setup:
New HW, new SD cards, current image (openHABian v1.6.5.), for details please see screenshot.

After starting OH3, I created a new user with the web front-end which results in a empty grey screen. With a browser reload the setup continues and I can start configurations.
But: after a reboot the login fails now every time and I never get the settings menu (see screenshot below).

In the log file there are coresponding entries (see screenshot above).

I repeated the installation with different SD cards and different original images (the current and older ones), and I tried different browsers (Safari iPad, Firefox under Windows 10 and Ubuntu), every time with the same behaviour.

Open web front-end en privacy mode of the browser or a different IP address for the server don’t change anything

Thread https://community.openhab.org/t/empty-gray-screen-after-login-oh3/115346 doesn’t help, no camera, no widgets.

Any idea / help welcome.


I changed the following details of my setup:

Image written with Ubuntu/dd instead of the Windows tool.
New, never used IP address in my local range.
Run openhabian-config before open browser front-end, but I think that didn’t changed anything on the SD card.
Browser Firefox in privacy mode on Windows 10 instead of Safari on iPad in public mode.

Guess that it is a browser issue.

Thanks for listening.